Hey, stranger! Long time no see. I’ve done some minor remodeling (aka name change), and I figured it was about time I popped back on to say hello. I’ve just been here livin’ my life trying to finish up my Bachelor’s degree. I hope you’re doing well!

Okay, let’s get on with the outfit. I was feelin’ myself in this, but the true star of the show are these shoes.




Those beautiful blue loafers are from Target. Confession: I 100% borrowed them from my best friend, but that’s what bff’s are for right?! You can check them out here.

Jeans and vest are from Forever 21. Black long-sleeve is from Marshalls.

Well, this post is gonna be a short and sweet one, but I look forward to rekindling our relationship. Happy hump day! I hope your rest of the week is awesome.

As always, thanks for reading.

Big love,

Briana x

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Life Update

Hi everyone! So here I go again, apologizing for not posting in a long time. I’m sorry! I wanted to give you guys a little update on what’s been going on. If you’ve been following my posts for a while then you may know I used to go to University- however I had to terminate my enrollment due to financial struggles. Well, I am so excited to share that I will be returning to school in the Fall! I am completely overwhelmed and just so excited and grateful for the opportunity to go back! It’s something I never thought would happen.

 I do plan to continue blogging while at school however I don’t know how that is going to actually turn out. I know I will be cancelling my Boxycharm subscription while I’m gone (unfortunately), so those posts will no longer be happening. And I already know “face of the day” posts are going to be difficult to continue. BUT I will try to post whenever and whatever I can! So feel free to come along for the ride with me. I’d love to continue sharing bits of my life with you. BTW- I’m not leaving until August so none of this will be changing until then!

Thank you so much for the continued support, no matter how small this little ol’ blog is, it means the world to see you reading and commenting.

Again, I’m sorry I haven’t been consistent with posts but I’m still here! I have no plans on going anywhere, either (;

Hope you’re all well. Have an amazing rest of the week!

Thanks for reading. Big love,

Briana x


Starting Anew

Hi! So here I am a few years later. I made this blog not really knowing what I was doing or what my goal was (not much has changed) and it kind of just disappeared. But alas, here I am. Still not with a cut and clear vision but nonetheless inspired. Since you last heard from me I graduated high school and started college. I went away to University and fell in love with my life there. However, life happens and I was not able to return for the Spring semester. It was an extremely hard time for me because I did love being away so much and I made such great friends but God had other plans! Very long story (kind of) short, my plan was to return this upcoming Fall semester but, it again has not worked out so I’m back at square one! I’m in this gap period of my life where I am trying to figure out my future and what God has planned for me. Young peeps, I’m sure you can relate to the feeling of “oh my gosh I have no idea of what to do with my life!!!”.

So the point is.. I figured while I’m home for this period of time I wanted to share my life, my interests, my God, what I’ve learned and all together who I am. So I’m back. And I hope we can do something fun and cool and inspiring together. Because I’m in a bit of a transitioning season in my life.. to say the least.

*Oh so I thought It would be a good idea to tell you what I’m interested in aka what I’ll most likely be bringing to my blog, DUH. I love Jesus a whole lot, makeup, fashion, music, TV shows (a little too much) & the list goes on. If we have any of those things in common, let’s be friends!

Big love,

Briana x