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Book Haul & Chat

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Hey everyone! I wanted to do something different and share with you some books I just got. I’ve been in the mood to read lately so I went a little crazy at Barnes & Noble. Let’s get into it.

I’ll start with the books I’ve started or finished first.

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Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling –  (I actually purchased this at Target) I’ve only read the first chapter of this book but so far I am loving it! I usually don’t buy celebrity books, but if you’ve been following me for a while now then you know I love Mindy Kaling. I think she’s absolutely hilarious and such a brilliant writer. The book is all about her life and career. Even from the first chapter I could tell just how funny it is!

Unteachable by Leah Raeder – I just finished this book yesterday and I absolutely loved it. Unteachable is about 18 year old high school senior, Maise O’Malley. At a town carnival she meets an older man, Evan, who she immediately has a connection with. They wind up sleeping together that night- however everything changes when on the first day of school they both discover he is her new film class teacher. Of course they both know it’s wrong to see each other but they can’t resist. And I’ll stop there. *I will say though that if you’re on the younger side or if you’re thinking about buying it for someone, I would be mindful! There are some explicit sex “scenes” that may not be appropriate for everyone.

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The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins –  Another great book! I finished reading this book last week and flew through it. It’s about a woman named Rachel, a struggling alcoholic, who rides the same train everyday. Everyday she passes the same houses and during each train ride she fantasizes about a couple who lives in one of the homes. She creates a life for them in her head and even makes up names for them- “Jess and Jason”. To her, they have the perfect life and relationship. Expect on one particular day she sees something shocking. She only has a moment to look, as the train continues passing but that’s enough to get her involved in what becomes a police investigation. I actually just found out they’re making a movie of this book, starring Emily Blunt as Rachel, so definitely check this out before the film comes out later this year!

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell  – I finished this book about a month ago. Eleanor & Park is a story about two high school misfits who fall in love. They’re not your typical couple and they may be young but their love for one another is strong and really special to see develop throughout the book. It did have some slow moments but overall I did enjoy it!

Here are the other books that I haven’t got around to starting yet.

 Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn  – I’m sure you’ve all heard about this book already. But, if you don’t know, it’s recently been made into a movie starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. It’s about a married couple, Amy and Nick, who are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary when Amy disappears. The mystery is whether or not her husband, Nick, is responsible.

The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma  –  I bought this book not really based on anything. I’ve never heard of it or seen it around anywhere. It’s a little hard to explain what its about so I’ll just let you read the overview on Barnes & Noble haha. Seems pretty cool, right?

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire  –  This is the first book in a series, which I didn’t know when I first bought this, but I’m looking forward to seeing if I like it! It’s about good girl Abby Abernathy who gets involved with bad boy Travis Maddox through a bet. Abby doesn’t curse or drink and Travis is their university’s “walking one night stand”. If he loses the bet he has to stay abstinent for a month, but if Abby loses she has to live with him in his apartment for a month. Hmm. Should be interesting.

That concludes this post! If you made it to the end, thank you. I know this was a long one. Let me know if you’ve read any of these and your thoughts! I’d love to talk about them with you! Also, if you have any recommendations of other books let a girl know.

Happy Sunday.

Thanks for reading. Big love,

Briana x





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Current Favorites

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Hey guys, welcome back. I’ve been loving a lot of new stuff lately and wanted to share with you some of my current favorites. So, let’s get into it!

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It’s only fitting that I start with the makeup. These are two lip products. The first is a Manna Kadar lip gloss stain in the shade “Lucky”. This was actually in last month’s Boxycharm! I seriously love this color. Its perfect for everyday.

The next is a Palladio Velvet Matte cream lip color in “Angora”. For the price ($7.00) this product is pretty good! It dries matte of course, which I love and is such a nice shade of red. I love this color for this time of year.

Next up are all about m’ curly locks!

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I never used a diffuser on my hair. I would always just air dry but I HATE going out in public with my hair wet. So a few weeks ago I just decided to go ahead and buy one and man, am I loving it! It has made my life so much easier. This diffuser actually came with a blow dryer I purchased at a beauty supply store by the brand Hot Shot Tools.

Next is the Anti-Breaking Strengthening Masque by Shea Moisture. So far I have only used this once but I already really like it! It made my hair feel so soft and took away a lot of frizz. I also have the shampoo and conditioner from their Yucca and Plantain line. I am so happy with these products. Let me know if you’re interested in a more in depth post about these hair products or just an in-general update on my curls.

Movin’ on to some accessories!

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First are the pearl stud earrings. I got these from Old Navy (which has a bangin’ jewelry selection btw!). I am SO into this style with the big pearl in the back, YAS.

Another earring trend I have been obsessing over are cuffs! This ear cuff is from Forever 21. This is my first but definitely not my last purchase of an ear cuff because I am officially in love! I can’t find the exact one but if you go on their website and search “ear cuff”, they have a bunch of ’em!

Not much to say about this phone case other than the fact that I love it so much haha. I got it from Amazon and to be honest I would link it but there’s no way I can find it again- sorry!

And of course I had to include a nail polish. This is from OPI’s Infinite Shine collection in “You Can Count On It”. Its the perfect pinky-nude color. I always get compliments when I wear it.

Last but not least,

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If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, then you know I love Mindy Kaling. I usually don’t buy celebrity books, but I had to support my girl and get her book Why Not Me¬†-and I’m so glad I did! I haven’t finished it yet but so far, so good! So freakin’ good. And funny.

Who doesn’t love candles?! I’m new to the candle game but I am fully addicted. This is in the scent¬†Sugar Blossom from Signature Soy at Target. Smells heavenly and gives my room a nice relaxing vibe.

Quick side note before I wrap this up. I wanted to give an honorable mention to the CW show Jane The Virgin. I binge watched the first season on Netflix, then caught up on season 2 on Hulu. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SHOW! Being Latina myself, this show just makes me extra happy. And I am in love with the cast, especially the lovely and incredible Gina Rodriguez. But I will stop myself here, as I can go on forever.

Alright, you’ve made it to the end! That’s everything I’ve been lovin’ this past month. What are some of your favorites? Are you also a fan of Jane The Virgin? Hope you have an awesome week.

Thanks for reading. Big love,

Briana x


Celebrity Inspiration: Mindy Kaling

Hey guys! I wanted to try something new, so I thought it would be cool to share with you all celebrities that I feel inspired by, whether that be with fashion or beauty. I wanted to start with the lovely Mindy Kaling.

mindy kaling-3

First of all, she’s gorgeous. Do you see that Elle cover!? I’m a huge fan of hers- of course from the absolutely hilarious show “The Office” and also newly for me, “The Mindy Project”. I’m obsessed with both shows! I think she’s a brilliant writer and so funny. She’s an inspiration just by being such a smart and successful woman, but let’s not forget why we’re here- she has such amazing style!

Mindy Kaling

51767964 Celebrities at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Inside Out' at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California on June 8, 2015. Celebrities at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Inside Out' at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California on June 8, 2015. Pictured: Mindy Kaling FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813 RESTRICTIONS APPLY: NO FRANCE

mindy kaling-4 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals

She looks stunning in black but doesn’t shy away from color either. I’m a huge fan of wearing black and neutrals (as you can see by my choices of pictures to display) but I absolutely love when she wears bright colors! I’m trying to incorporate more of that into my own style, so I definitely look at her for some motivation.

 I hope you enjoyed this post! Trying to shake things up a bit (; Are you a fan of Mindy? Who is one of your celebrity inspirations for fashion? Hope you have an amazing rest of the week!

Thanks for reading. Big love,

Briana x

*all pictures were found on Google*